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Realistic Wound Simulation Trainer: 

This device offers a detailed simulation of a real-world wound. Designed to mimic authentic injuries, it can be filled with artificial blood, giving trainees a realistic experience during wound treatment practices.


Versatile Attachment Features: 

This training tool can be securely affixed to surfaces such as tiles, clear glass, and cabinets. This flexibility allows trainees to simulate treating injuries located at various positions on the body.


Training for Muscle Memory:

Ideal for beginners in wound treatment, this trainer is designed to help students develop muscle memory. It's a foundational tool, laying the groundwork for more advanced bleeding control and tourniquet techniques.


Safe & Premium Quality: 

Sim Limb is latex free, ensuring minimal allergy concerns. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, the kit comes with gauze and other essentials, offering a hands-on experience similar to treating actual individuals.


Hemostasis Training Device: 

Tailored for medical students and educators, this trainer is a perfect instructional model for academic institutions, training centers, and hospitals. Utilized extensively in emergency medical education, this teaching model aids students in grasping fundamental wound packing techniques. It's tailored not only for foundational medical training but also for specialized courses like TCCC, TECC, TEMS, and PHTLS, emphasizing hemostatic procedures. It seamlessly adheres to surfaces such as tiled walls, clear glass, and cabinets, enabling diverse angles of wound packing practice. Our team comprises expert designers who actively collaborate with medical students, nurses, and educators.


Made in USA

Wound Packer MINI

SKU: SL5420
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